Our Risker risk engine has been used hundreds of times to visualize and quantify risk – particularly for schedule and cost risk.  Repeatedly enhanced since its creation in 2005, it is now a standard tool used by numerous organizations.  

More than just a quantification tool – Risker is built to support visualization by teams in a workshop setting.  The logic flow and risk variables are made completely transparent – so the results of the risk analysis have high buy-in. In addition to analyzing risk – our engine generates outputs highlighting the most important priorities for mitigation activities.

Unlike other risk engines, our technology supports many of the ‘real-world’ phenomenon that often are critical. These include such things as compounding risks, where the impact of risks are highly non-linear.

Like all Same Page technologies, we integrate with other 3rd party tools. For example, our Risker engine can export into Primavera Risk ™ software.