Our Pedra(tm) decision platform enables recurring decision tools to deployed to the web – often within a few hours. We help formulate the elements of the decision: the options, key information and decision criteria and then deploy the tool on the web.

Pedra was designed to ensure that organizations learn from their decisions and improve their decision-making over time. The system includes:

  • “Peer review” of key assessments
  • Tracking / versioning of decisions over time
  • Portfolio-level analysis across full decision sets

 Dozens of Pedra modules have been created and deployed.  Design and development of each module is done in a transparent manner on the desktop.  Each decision module is tailored to the nature of the decision.   Some have extensive sensitivity analysis, some display risk and uncertainty, some highlight major components of value.  The beauty of Pedra is that each module can be very easily customized to provide the most decision-relevant information.

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